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Mission Statement

This ministry was formed for the specific and primary purpose of the proclamation of the Good News as set forth in the Christian Bible. This is to be accomplished by various methods.

In accordance with the above purpose set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, our present mission goals are as follows:

  • The ongoing development of Buffalo Ridge Retreat Center, where we provide hospitality and ministry to pastors, missionaries, youth leaders, rescue mission directors, homeless shelter workers, urban campus ministers and other caregivers and their families. Buffalo Ridge provides a quiet restful place for those in ministry from a wide variety of para-church organizations, denominations, and ministries. The change of pace and responsibilities can help individuals gain a fresh perspective on their calling. In providing encouragement, understanding, fellowship, continuing education opportunities, rest and relaxation for these servants, all those they serve benefit. We see tremendous ministry value in times of meditation, rest, and family vacation for those who minister in the midst of urban congestion, crime, and daily stress. Buffalo Ridge provides a low cost retreat for weary workers.
  • Continue ministry to individuals and groups through religious retreats, prayer sessions, Bible studies, and worship services.
  • Complement the work of local churches by helping to network local pastors to be an encouragement and source of accountability among each other.
  • Teaching ministry.