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The team worked together since childhood except for a many-months-long illness. When that was over, they were back on duty cooperatively for years and years. The team was taken for granted by their leader, but they didnít mind.

Then one team member suddenly was injured, incapacitated. The other had to compensate, accommodate, take on an extra load while the hurt member healed. There were sometimes misunderstandings, and "Why should I carry this all by myself?" type of feelings and concern.

Finally the leader took both to a helper. X-rays were taken of the one teammate (my left leg) while the other teammate (my right leg) patiently carried the weight. "No breaks, no cracked bones," the leader (me () said, "Praise the Lord!" The doctor seemed to think there was a sprained ligament and loaned a walker to use. (Bless him!)

But a complaining attitude set in. "I donít need this inconvenience," I whine to myself. "I need BOTH legs to do my daily tasks. I need to be up and at it."

This morning when I turned to todayís Scripture in the daily devotional book I had to chuckle. The very first verse:

"Sit still my daughter."
Ruth 3:18

The theme continued from other sections of the Bible. "Take heed and be quiet; fear not, neither be faint-hearted . . . Be still and know that I am God. . . . in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him, fret not thyself. . . "

Well! I guess I "got told" some rather explicit instructions! How good of God. HE is my Helper.

P.S. The evening I did the most damage to my left leg "team member" (by using it first going up a stairway rather than using my healthy leg) I met a lovely teenager. She was already seated. I took the empty chair beside her. We exchanged names and began to get acquainted.

"In what level of school are you?" I asked.

"Iím working on my Masterís Degree," she smiled.

My surprise was noticed, "Iím older than I look. Iím 23."

What are your plans, your interests?" I asked.

"I want to help the handicapped," she smiled. "I was born handicapped," she continued, "and I want to help others." We prayed together for the accomplishment of her goals, then continued our visit. She nodded toward nearby special crutches. "I cannot walk," she explained. Somehow my aching leg began to feel better!

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