What Comes After White?
Fleta R. Robinson

I felt embarrassed, even a bit violated, when someone told guests we’d never met before, that this white haired lady (me) had, years ago, colored her hair.

This private action was "announced" in a time and place that left me feeling flustered, embarrassed, unnecessarily "exposed." It was the only form of makeup I’d ever used, why bring it up? Hair coloring is commonplace among today’s grooming habits, not only for countless ladies – but men as well. What’s the big deal?

I flared a defensive retort that startled even myself. My response created an awkwardness. Through the harmony and fellowship I had flung an uncomfortable-for-all-of-us "barbed wire."

Dear Lord, forgive me for that element of vanity that is so unbecoming to the inner spirit.

* * * * * *

A dear little guest was explaining what he thought were facts to his little sister, "When you get as big as me your hair will be my color, when you get as big as our brother your hair will be his color. When you get as old as mama your hair will be like hers." And on he went as best he knew.

Suddenly his winsome, serious little face looked up at me, "What comes after white?"

The question lingers with me. Hopefully "after white" (hair) there is common sense, a hint of wisdom, patience, knowledge from personal experiences that can help guide another’s life. Hopefully, by God’s grace, kindness to others with no more "barbed wire" retorts. "What comes after white?" – a deeper, firmer, conviction of who one can become, and be, because of the privilege of abiding in the Hands of Sovereign God.

"What comes after white?" In His timing, in His way, if we are truly His – Heaven!

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