The Weapon JOY
Fleta R. Robinson

Goliath, a giant in physical size with a big mouth, had intimidated the armies of Israel. He was just too big to handle.

The assumption was that Goliath would win in battle. Just think of the awful results – death, destruction, slavery for survivors. The army incapacitated itself by surrendering to fear. For forty days Goliath pestered them every morning, every evening.

David, a young sheepherder, was sent by his father to the army camp with food for his older brothers. He heard Goliath’s continual taunting and asked, "Who is this Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?" 1 He was experienced in trusting God for help. He may have thought, "I can hit this target easily, he’s too big to miss." Then he did it – with a sling shot and the giant’s own sword. Amazing!

* * * * *

Did you know JOY can be an effective weapon? It can destroy fear, anxiety, discouragement, loneliness, timidity, and reveal the glory of the Lord!

When we honor, obey, listen to, heed and worship Sovereign God; when we give Christ control of our lives, we "experience the power of His resurrection." 2

Is a "Goliath" annoying you? Decimate that giant by allowing God’s JOY to invigorate spiritual muscles, and find "the JOY of the Lord is our strength." 3

You can be an overcomer by His grace and help. Trust Him. Then pass on your . . .

"JOY to the World!"

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