True Story
Fleta R. Robinson

The dream was a "warm fuzzy" full of interesting people and places. It was a plus for body and spirit – but the details faded rapidly as I awakened.

This is not a dream, rather it is a very precious TRUE STORY.

Monday, February 26, 2001, His Way Ministries was BROKE, no money – at all. Well, we’ve been in that position many times. The dear Lord in His grace and mercy allows periods of time like these, it seems, to strengthen our trust in Him.

This no-financial-resources time had an added dimension. Capable, experienced volunteers were coming to help get the two-bedroom Farm House a dear lady had donated, enlarged into a functioning guest house. However there was no lumber or construction materials on hand and no money to buy any. Should we call MMAP headquarters and cancel their coming? Would continuing to plan for their arrival be true faith – or not even sane?

A quote from a sermon by Alan Redpath gave us courage. "The best place for a Christian to be in is to be totally destitute and totally dependant upon God, and know it."

The first MMAP couple pulled in with their RV that afternoon. Pleasure about their arrival was mixed with the scary awareness of NO building materials and no money to buy any. We invited them in for the evening meal and – as with followers of Christ everywhere – instantly bonded; new friends, new co-workers in God’s family!

Tuesday, February 27 my husband headed to town to care for errands and get the mail. He came back and set the cluster of magazines, advertisements, and letters down and rested his big hand on top. He had an I-know-a-secret smile! "Two checks came today," he paused, ". . . one was for $9000."

My eyes filled with tears of joy. Thank You, Heavenly Father, we can buy the needed material! We hugged each other and rejoiced in God’s provision. But he wasn’t finished, ". . . and the other check was for $10,000!" Thank you, Lord! Three months of overdue salaries and current bills can be paid. Much needed fencing can be bought. Thank You, Lord. THANK YOU!

One check was from a friend who has paved the way for ministry accomplishments many times through the years. Heavenly Father, reward this dear person in Your way and time. The other was a one-time gift from an organization 2000 miles away. Amazing!

I found the hymnal and looked up My Tribute, by Andrae’ Crouch. My voice can’t sing very well – but my heart can!

+ How can I say thanks for the things you have done for me? . . . The voices of a million angels cannot express my gratitude . . . To God be the glory for the things He has done. +

Around noon Lauri was returning from a town several miles away when slick ice on the road caused an accident. Her car fish-tailed across the road into a ditch, up again, and back across the highway into an empty field. She was not hurt! Two heavy gateways (one on each side of the road), metal fencing, a large stone – this out-of-control car did not hit, and no other cars in sight. Thank You, Father! Her cell phone call soon reached us. . . the car was damaged, but she was not.

We were all keenly aware of God’s grace and mercy that day. His Presence was like warm arms around us and a glow within us; like being cared for in a manner that would enable us to give care to those who come to Buffalo Ridge.

It’s Sunday morning, March 4. On Christian radio the song, + Give thanks with a grateful heart, + is beautifully sung. I turn up the volume and join their singing.

To God be the glory!

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