The Teaching Tree
by Fleta R. Robinson

Just for fun I designated the tree as female. She made me smile. Her unique appearance looked a little prissy, so I named her "Flouncy." Alternate branches reached straight out ó left, right, left, right ó then tipped up at the ends. Each trip into town I saw her in a row of trees that was probably a property line. The sight of her amused me.

When coming home, I seldom noticed her. She was a typical tree, appearing like the others in the fence row.

I was seeing her from a different viewpoint, an added perspective.

"Flouncy" not only amused me, she made me think.

* Do I ever judge a person or a situation from only one comment, one action?

* Do I draw conclusions with only limited knowledge?

* How often have I put a person in a "box" because of what I see or hear from only one viewpoint, rather than learning about the whole person or situation?

* Do I make a judgment call with only a fragment of information?

"At present we are looking at puzzling reflections in a mirror. The time will come when we shall see reality whole and face to face! At present I know only a little fraction of the truth, but the time will come when I shall know it as fully as God now knows me!" (I Corinthians 13:12 Phillips)

Isnít it good of the dear Lord to gently teach us through whatever is at hand?

Isnít it good of the dear Lord to gently teach us through whatever is at hand?

A grain of wheat . . . (John 12)

A well of water . . . (John 4)

A lost sheep . . . (Luke 15)

A mustard seed . . . (Luke 17)

A lost coin . . . (Luke 15)

And (from my perspective) a unique tree!

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