Any Ol' Stone Will Do
Fleta R. Robinson

The little camera is a joy. It catches snapshots of the backhoe scooping a hole in the ground – the pouring of the foundation – the framing – the scaffolding – the roofing – the painting – the completed building ready for the dear Lord’s use. It’s a form of recording progress. Before long we have valid and valued history.

Yesterday I photographed – not lumber becoming walls, nor a roofing project, but a dear little girl snuggled under a towel, sound asleep on the warm concrete of the office entry area. Her inflated little pool filled with water was nearby. Evidently the combination of cold water and breeze had chilled her enough to seek warmth from the heat radiating off the concrete. (Later she explained it was "so comfortable.")

Need creates definition.

What do I radiate? What do you? Unlikely tho’ it may sometimes appear we each have the opportunity of being God’s person, in God’s timing, to radiate the warmth of His love into the chilled life of someone who does not yet know Him. What a privilege! What a joy!

This morning I reflect upon my own life and recognize I fall far short of fulfilling God’s will for me. I ask for, and receive, His forgiveness, His help. His Presence warms my soul! In my mind I "see" again that precious little Sleeping Beauty on the warm concrete. I recall Jacob’s pillow* and realize anew any ol’ stone will do when committed to God.

Heavenly Father, may I allow my own personal "slab of concrete" to be filled by Your Spirit. I so want to radiate the joy of the Lord to others.

In Jesus Name, Amen

* Genesis 28:11

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