A Splash?
Fleta R. Robinson

Standing amid an abundance of colorful plastic eggs, multiple baskets, and bunnies galore, I asked the saleslady, “Have you anything about Easter?” Was her look personal confusion, or did she think I had a serious visual problem? I quickly added, “Have you anything about Christ’s resurrection? Anything about the real meaning of Easter?”

Her countenance cleared, “Oh. We have this candle.” She reached to the back of a shelf, then handed me a small white candle in a glass container upon which was pictured Jesus standing in front of an empty tomb.

“And there are Holy Bibles in that far back corner,” she pointed. Then she picked up an out-of sight ornate little white cross. “We have this, too.” It looked about two inches high, with a design of “gold” sparkles curving near its edges.

I smiled,”It doesn’t look much like the rough wooden cross Jesus was on, does it?”

I thanked her, bought the illustrated container with the candle in it and left the store.

Later I was thinking: Was there at least a little splash of the Living Water left behind? I truly pray there was. Something as simple as a small purchase can be an opportunity to share God’s love and availability. If only I had thought ahead and actually done so.

Heavenly Father, "may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart"* be used for your glory. May I never neglect the opportunity and the privilege of being Your representative.

* Psalm 19:14

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