Snapped Off
Fleta R. Robinson

Such an ice storm! Barb wire on the fences became like thick smooth rods because of the heavy coating of ice.

Tree branches came down with sickening sounds of rips and crashes, leaving long wide scars.

The country roads, and the streets in towns, were abundantly littered with branches of all kinds and sizes. The cleanup went on and on for days and days. Cords of fresh firewood are neatly stacked at various homes and farms as a result of preparing those fallen limbs for good use.

While in town visiting a friend who is ill, I saw that they, too, had broken branches at the curb ready for pick-up when the right crew came along.

Later I had to say goodbye – my ride had arrived. Before getting into the car I noticed LOTS of buds on those curb-side broken branches. (Prior to the ice storm, winter had been mild; some vegetation responded as to an early Spring.)

My thrifty soul, and love of Nature, eyed those buds. I snapped off three or four branch tips and took them home. In warm, lightly sweetened, water the buds developed. Now we have a bouquet of ornamental pear blossoms!

Looking at it makes me smile –

And think –

Do you sometimes feel useless? discarded? broken off from a supportive source of strength? I think we all have at one time or another. Some allow that pain to become a lifestyle. For others it is devastating – but temporary.

Did you ever feel headed-for-the-dump, so to speak, but Someone literally snapped off a source you were clinging to, and by God’s grace allowed an environment for growth and blooming? How amazing is our dear Lord Jesus!

May we recognize the privilege of clinging to the right Vine,* from which we need never let go in spite of life’s "ice storms."

Blossom, fellow branches, and bear fruit!

* John 15

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