"Help Us To Be Good Sheep"
Fleta R. Robinson

A layman in the congregation stood tall to pray. He gave earnest thanks to God for the many years of service their recently retired pastor had given their church. He prayed for my husband (who had just begun serving as interim pastor), then continued, "Lord, help us to be good sheep."

That precious request warmed my heart. Id never before heard it so simply and explicitly stated. How could a shepherd help but lead aright when those in the flock had sincere desires ". . . to be good sheep"?

+ Savior, like a shepherd lead us
Much we need Thy tender care . . .

is a familiar song to countless Christians, but do we sometimes lose sight of any responsibility to ask, and to be good sheep? Do I ever criticize the shepherd for doing, or not doing, this or that, when my role is to be a productive, good sheep? Do you?

Think about it.

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