Shed It!
by Fleta R. Robinson

It was a wakeful spot in the middle of the night. Fragments of a song kept singing itself in my mind.

A "she-done-me-wrong" ditty? NO. A mindless commercial? NO. Rather, it was a hymn of faith by Charles Wesley. I learned it as a child from mother who sang and whistled as she worked; who played her piano or organ at the end of the day. (What a special atmosphere in which to go to sleep!)

"O for a thousand tongues to sing
My great Redeemer's praise . . ."

Have you ever actually heard a thousand Believers in Christ sing about Him, for Him, to Him? Perhaps it was a Promise Keepers gathering, a Graham Crusade, a Christian convention or conference, and it was--incredible!

". . . assist me to proclaim
To spread thro' all the earth abroad
The honor of Thy Name."

My mind took a sudden jump to one of the meanings of the word "spread," and a practical illustration . . . to shed thro' all the earth . . .

It took a lot of time and sneezing; years of miserable asthma and expensive doctors, before our family learned to keep pets outside. Those dear critters shed bits of hair, fur or feathers both seasonally and daily. We were allergic to, and affected by, the resulting dander. Oh my.

Fellow Christians--would that we were so covered by the Presence of Christ that in whatever atmosphere we find ourselves, and with whomever, we would shed His love, His grace, His truth in a manner that creates not an allergy, but a hunger and thirst for righteousness. The resulting "dander" from that kind of shedding can make an amazing and positive difference "for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6

If you have it, shed it!

P.S. If you do not yet know Christ, get close to someone who does, and ask them how to become one of Christ's very own.

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