September 11, 2001
Fleta R. Robinson

Today’s television viewing was a strong contrast to the usual artificial world of TV. The daily prominence of immorality,

God’s Name and commandments treated like trash, coarse jokes and pretended violence were shelved, because the images on the screen were horribly real.

Terrorist attacks decimated the World Trade Center, smashed into our military’s security center, the Pentagon, and left death and destruction in the wake. A horror show? Absolutely, but in real life with real buildings full of real people. The death toll may well be larger than from the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Newscasters, rescue teams, relatives of victims, survivors, medical personnel – their faces filled the screen with shock and heart-break.

Prayer meeting announcements (can you believe it!) scrolled across the bottom of the TV screen over and over again. Grief, confusion, anxiety, disbelief, registered on face after face after face, along with understandable fear and exhaustion.

Four planes were deflected from their original destination by hijackers, and used for massive destruction – the worst ever in our country.

Obviously the hijackers were committed to a cause – something for which they were willing to die.

* * * * * * * * *

Oh that the same disciplined energy given to planning and preparation of this disaster had been applied to activities of eternal value! Oh that we were committed to the cause of Christ – even to losing our physical lives, if need be, to bring others into a vital, personal relationship with Sovereign God.

Join us in prayer, not only for the survivors and the families of those killed, but also for our neighbors and ourselves, that we may be strong in our faith, trust, and commitment to the Living Lord. 

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