Fleta R. Robinson

The curving narrow contrail of the plane was deep red with an overtone of iridescent gold. The sun had already "gone to bed," but a nearby cloud also picked up the same gorgeous hue.

That interested me, (the sky always does). The sun was out of sight, but this residue of sunset just kept glowing. Because of the position of the cloud and the plane’s trail, they "saw" something

I couldn’t. Their appearance proved it.

God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, into this world. He was physically visible for only 33 brief years – and then he was killed by crucifixion. His dead body was enclosed in a tomb and that was the end of that, right? WRONG! In a mere 3 days He was resurrected and is forever ALIVE!

I was not in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Cana of Galilee, nor any other place Jesus walked and taught while on earth during His years of being physically visible. But oh, how I appreciate His reflections

I find in Scripture and in Christian brothers and sisters!

He taught those long-ago disciples – His co-workers – "I and my Father are one." ^ "He who has seen Me has seen the Father." *

A recent guest gave me deeper understanding about "seeing" Jesus. This guest reflected the dear Lord just as the plane’s contrail, and the cloud, were highlighted by the hidden sun.

Lord, would you please help me reflect You better? I so desire to be wholly Yours.

^ John 10:30   * John 14:9

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