What a Privilege!
by Fleta R. Robinson

Lord, it’s an important envelope with two letters in it from friends in another country. It has an address and phone number we have to have. Please show me where it is.

I thought it was—

I think I put—

I know it was—

As I shower, shampoo, dress, and make our bed, one version or another of this quest is uppermost in my thoughts and I tell God about it. Rushing from one chore to another my hands are busy with all sorts of "mindless" tasks. My mind is also rushing from one possibility to another, as I again order the Lord to hurry up and cooperate.

Could it be—?

Why didn’t I—?

Do you suppose—?

Suddenly He stopped me in mid-action. The audacity of giving orders to The Sovereign Kings of Kings! Immediately I accepted the chastisement. I felt ashamed, and asked His forgiveness. Repentance ignited the sweet Presence of His Holy Spirit. I sensed His love, His care, His grace. "Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you will find." Matthew 7:7 My whole being relaxed as I sensed the Presence of the living, loving Lord; what a privilege!

Did I find it yet? No, but I will! You see I have a Helper.

P.S. We found it! Thank You, Heavenly Father; but what about my loved one in the hospital with possible surgery tomorrow? From an envelope, to a dear one’s life, God loves to hear and answer according to His will. We can trust Him.

What a privilege!

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