The Ever Present Help
Fleta R. Robinson

"As your days so shall your strength be" 1
"Give us this day our daily bread" (necessities, sustenance) 2
"My God shall supply all your need according to His riches..." 3

I was recently given the gift of a personal vacation. Wonderful! The givers were long time friends I've appreciated for many years. They welcomed me into their home and hearts.

The plane fare, their beautiful guest room, the scrumptious meals--these were just the beginning. They also showered me with items to bring back home, not only for myself, but also for other family members, and a fabric suitcase in which to bring them. The most treasured gifts were the long talks, and the numerous prayer times together. God is good!

Then came February 2nd, the week was over; I packed up to return home. I planned to keep that important little suitcase with me, rather than check it through with the other luggage, because some of the treasured contents were breakable.

Once in the terminal I picked up that special suitcase and headed down the long passageway to the boarding gate. It was much heavier than I expected. "Lord, please give me strength for the day," I prayed. I fully expected a surge of ability to carry it. I knew the dear Lord would provide the asked for help.

I turned to see who spoke to me--a young, handsome Skycap with both a wheelchair and a beautiful smile! "Need some help?" Gratefully I sat down and he picked up my heavy bag as easily as I would a Kleenex box! He guided the wheelchair with one hand and carried the suitcase with the other. His cheerful chatter and helpfulness were added blessings.

The dear Lord answered--He gave me the strength I needed, but in an unexpected manner. (He loves to surprise us.)

* * *

How like the dear Lord. When we repent of our sins, and accept His gift of salvation, it's only the beginning! He continues, as we follow Him, to give grace when we need it, strength for the day, comfort, hope, patience, peace, loving kindness, mercy, Eternal LIFE! Our part? Daily obedience to the known will of God.

Heavenly Father,
Thank You for being my Lord. Thank You for the vacation. Bless the dear ones who provided it. Thank You for strength for the day. Lord, if you need me, use me. I am available.
Your Child,

1. Deuteronomy 33:25
2. Matthew 6:11
3. Philippians 4:19
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