Without Padlock
Fleta R. Robinson

The vending machine pictured two laughing faces, each with a cold drink. One was drinking his, the other was reaching out his drink to you, to me. Thirteen varieties were available. The price was typical for the area. Huge tall-as-a-man pictures of frosty, bottled drinks were all around. If you like that sort of refreshment, you may be drooling by now.

Then I saw the huge padlock. Now if I were totally naive, thinking this was a I-care-about-you hospitality site, I would be puzzled. However, I’m quite aware of the hoop-la of our current culture’s advertising methods – and of theft – so I understood.

. . . but it made me think . . .

Do I know the Good News of the gospel, the Sovereignty of God, and profess to know Him, belong to Him, love Him, and follow his teachings – in other words, do I experience a vital relationship with the Dear Lord rather than mere religion? If so, do I "padlock" myself from actual encounters of sharing God’s TRUTH with others? Is my personal "vending machine" even stocked with that daily refreshment of allowing God to talk to me through His Word, the Bible? Do I stock my "vending machine" by talking to Him in prayer?

Lord, may I be a hospitality site faithfully, truly, representing You – without padlocks. Amen.

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