It's Not An Object
by Fleta R. Robinson

A high, but reachable wooden shelf held good books and two plants, one of them vining down a bit below the shelf. To the right were enlarged, framed black and white photographs of long ago places and people. A few photos were arranged also on the left.

Below the shelf was a long narrow desk with a lamp on one end. The total arrangement had a simple elegance that pleased the eye. Then suddenly I saw the cross! No, it was not hidden, nor was it an object, but rather the result of the picture placement. Hmmm--

The cross Christians carry, throughout their days and years of walking with the living Lord, is not an object, but rather a precious responsibility right there among the expectations and accomplishments of daily life. Among the completions of the Past, and the growing of the Present, we find the Cross. Among Heaven's beckoning and Earth's duties; amid the mundane and the inspiring; the effortless and the difficult, we find the Cross.

Jesus, I, my cross
have taken all to leave
and follow Thee. . .

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