Just As I Am
Fleta R. Robinson

Just as I am without one plea
But that Thy blood was shed for me
And that Thou biddíst me come to Thee
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

This spoke to me last night. Hearing it sung often as a hymn of invitation to those who do not yet know God excluded me (I thought) because I was already in the family of God. I had invited the dear Lord into my heart as a small child, His abiding Presence is a continual treasure ever since. By Godís amazing love, mercy and grace I have an intimate relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. I love Him.

Last night the emotional pain of deep concerns burdened me greatly. A heaviness enveloped my being. I found myself unintentionally responding to others without courtesy. I was "burden centered" rather than experiencing the joy of the Lord through trust in God. Someone at the evening church service chose this song. Suddenly as the congregation was singing I was really hearing it Ė and became almost overwhelmed with Godís goodness, His love, His invitation to come!

Another song writer must have felt this sometime, too:

+ Jesus took my burden I could no longer bear,
Yes, Jesus took my burden in answer to my prayer.
My anxious fears subsided, my spirit was made strong,
For Jesus took my burden, and left me with a song.

Heavenly Father, I come Ė with thanksgiving and praise.

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