by Fleta R. Robinson

Its early morning. The sun is peeping over the edge of the eastern horizon. Beautiful! I turn to duties at my kitchen sink; the window above it faces west.

Wow! Look at the ENORMOUS shadow of our little Mobile Home! It extends across the huge adjacent field, almost to the lovely brick home far on the other side. Only once a day sunrise can our little house cast, in that direction, such a far reaching shadow. The position of the sun makes it happen.


Ones influence can be far reaching when Gods dear Son so allows and enables. Amazing! Am I responsible to BE the kind of person He can choose to use? Youd better believe it!

Does what I say, and how I say it cast an influence that either helps, or hinders, others? Absolutely.

Is that kind of responsibility fair? Nooo, it is larger than "fair" its a PRIVILEGE. Can I do this by my own will power? Not a chance! As we personally ". . . abide in the Shadow of the Almighty" (Psalm 91) He will cause our personal sphere of influence our "shadow" to be effective for Him.

Count it all JOY!

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