Here Today -- Gone Tomorrow
by Fleta R. Robinson

Maybe it was no longer blooming, but it still had a LOT of color. The bright orange poppy petals lay sprawled at the base of the vase on the dark green tablecloth. They were as vivid as ever, but looked "wrung out," tired. One petal draped over its stamen, another clung to the lip of the tall vase. Yesterday the bright bouquet, a gift from a friendly neighbor, looked so cheerful. Today it was totally spent.

The little spectacle made me chuckle; I could identify! It looked like I have often felt.

However ó

We are not picked bouquets, here today ó gone tomorrow. We are human beings equipped with spirit, with soul, that is, and always will be, very much alive.

As we well know the body can become infirm, infected and afflicted. Godís original ingredient was DIRT,

" . . . the dust of the ground . . ."* and after an allotted time the body dies and returns to such.

Not so with the essence of who we are. We became more than clay when God breathed into His creation His very ". . . breath of life; and man became a living soul"* The soul has the hope, the goal, the PRIVILEGE of being alive forever with God Himself!

Chaplain and Norman Gates digging holes (through solid rock!) for fence posts.

* Genesis 2:7

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