Grace, Mercy, and Peace
Fleta R. Robinson

. . . came to my aid in these pre-dawn hours as I – struggling with a physical ailment – tried to return to sleep.

*Grace, mer-cy and peace . . .*
My mind had "recorded" those strong, sturdy words, sung with a gentle voice, while listening to Christian radio through the months and years. Now at the time I needed help and comfort, the lovely melody surfaced in my mind.

*Grace, mer-cy and peace . . .*
The singer’s beautiful voice ministered to my heart and soul. The precious Presence of Jesus was so near and dear. (Thank You, Father!) "[Jesus] came not to be ministered unto, but to minister." (Matthew 20:28) He truly ministered to me this chilly winter morning.

*Grace, mer-cy and peace . . .*
Only a fragment of the song, but it was the fragment I needed. Isn’t God good?!

*Grace, mer-cy and peace . . .*
were there when health difficulties awakened me. That refrain helped me through the trying hours. Now it is as a lullaby surrendering my eased body to sleep with "grace, mer-cy and peace . . ." This is the Season of Receiving because God Himself gave these precious gifts,


Do you, too, have needs? In earnest prayer, ask God to clean out what is unlike Him, and invite Him to come in. How readily He answers a sincere heart! Plant these precious gifts into the hallowed ground (because He lives there) of your heart. Welcome these treasures, and freely pass them on; God’s gifts do not disappear when given away. Amazing!

P.S. Christian radio is on as I go about my daily chores. I grieve at the times when the song, or program, is performer centered rather than message centered. That is the WORLD’S way. The person is touted rather than the glory of the Lord being lifted up. May we be faithfully HIS.

"And all God’s people said, AMEN!"

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