Is Freedom Free?

by Fleta R. Robinson

"You will always serve a master," the speaker* pointed out, "serve a GOOD one! Will you be a slave to self and sin, or committed to righteousness and obedience to God?"

"Choose this day whom you will serve." (Joshua 24:15)

"Freedom has consequences," the speaker continued. How true; from adultery, to what-to-wear and how-to-wear-it, there is bondage--a slavery--to the becoming of "Everybody else does." The consequences are often both foolish and disastrous.

"If the Son (Jesus) therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed." (John 8:32 Phillips)

Freedom from responsibilities, from disrespect, from unpleasant situations?? The apostle Paul gave encouragement and hope to others--while vacationing on the beach--right? Nooo, it was while he was a prisoner aboard a condemned ship during a violent storm. Listen to him as he talks to his shipmates:

-keep your spirits up
-no one's life is going to be lost
-take courage
-not a hair on anyone's head will be lost
-I believe God!

(Acts 27 Phillips)

The consequences? ". . .everyone reached shore in safety!" The dear Lord used the apostle Paul, who was now prisoner Paul, . . .from morning till evening he explained the Kingdom of God to them, giving his personal testimony. . ." (Acts 29:23) Was Paul free? From eternity's viewpoint, YES! His spirit was alive and well, and "free indeed!"

"The wages of sin is death, [consequence] but the gift of God is eternal life [consequence] in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Choose you this day--the MASTER. He loves you!

* John Klassen, Professor at Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

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