In the Family
Fleta R. Robinson

We had just begun our meal at a favorite restaurant when the host guided a couple to a table across from ours.

Strangers that's common in public places.

They ordered, then bowed their heads and prayed before beginning their meal.

Ahh "family members"??! Our tables were close. I couldn't resist. I leaned toward them, "Did I just see you praying?"

They looked up and said a quiet, "Yes."

"Maybe we are family members," I continued. They were both courteous, but said they didn't think we'd ever met before what did I mean?

"Are we brothers and sisters in God's family?" I smiled.

They both visibly relaxed, smiled too, and said, "Yes, we are Christians."

We enjoyed good conversation as we ate. He pastors a church in a not-too-far-away town. "May we invite you to visit our church some Sunday evening?" Yes, we'd like that.

As we talked together, the two men shared experiences of God's calling, guidance, and answers to prayer. His wife and I also enjoyed getting acquainted.

It became well past the noon hour. The place was nearly empty. This restaurant never has the frenetic, pulsating racket that current culture calls "music," but I suddenly became aware the room was very still. The few there were quietly listening to these two men, who love the Lord, share their excitement about being His.

"Lord Jesus, minister to these people as they listen to Your representatives," I silently prayed.

Friends that's common in God's family.

Thank You, Heavenly Father!

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