Eye and I
Fleta R. Robinson

"If your right eye should cause you to stumble . . ." * Iím having an eye exam this morning. Tedious, but necessary. (Iím older and slower.)

Reading has always been a joy. Now itís sometimes cumbersome. Good focus seems reluctant. So Ė I came for help. Perhaps those beginning cataracts are past the "beginning" stage. "Lord, I lift up my eyes to You. . ." ^

Itís a physical problem that hopefully can be remedied.

* * * * *

Some conditions are much more serious, such as an I complex.

Response to lifeís circumstances, and to one another, can easily become full of a big ME. My accomplishments, my interests, my problems, my ailments; I want things done my way.

Do I ever confiscate a conversation to wrap around my opinions or experiences? Have you? Unfortunately (and without willful intent) that happens. What a bore that can be to others. Lord, I lift up my I to You.

It is a spiritual problem that God wants to remedy! By Godís grace and help Ė ditch the I complex.

"Letís forget about ourselves

And concentrate on Him,

And praise His Holy Name

Jesus Christ Ė Heís the Son of God."

(from a song by Bruce Ballinger)


* Matthew 5:26  ^ Psalm 123:1

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