Clouds Without Water
Jude 12

Fleta R. Robinson

Where we now live the beautiful wide sky is free of skyscrapers; neither do mountains block the gorgeous displays of sunrise and sunset. Sometimes a strong beam of light streams down through an opening in a cloud cover Ė I call that "Godís Flashlight." Iíve always loved the sky, and was delighted when a tiny grandson exclaimed, "Gramma, look at the stars!" The diamond-studded night sky was truly amazing.

One summer day an unbelievably huge horizon-to-horizon cloud swiftly swept out from the north like an urgent ocean wave. Startlingly beautiful Ė and frightening. As it rapidly raced over Buffalo Ridge we received a few sprinkles, but no rain. That enormous cloud disappeared to the South of us so very quickly.

* * * * * * * * * *

The single chapter of the book of Jude has been teaching me. Iíve read it many times recently. There is detailed descriptions of the godless false teachers, " . . . clouds without water carried about by the winds*. . ." That phrase caught my attention. By definition a cloud is water^ but like the one rolling over us from the north that summer day Ė not productive. Rather it just riled up scary misinformation.

In I Kings 18:41-46 an astounding account is given regarding need for rain and one tiny cloud. (Look it up!)

Weíve all known "big wheels" that accomplished little. Weíve all had times of being amazed at how much a seemingly insignificant person, relying entirely upon God, does accomplish.

Donít hesitate to be a tiny cloud willing, by Godís help and grace, to be productive.

* verse 12 (NKJV)
cloud: a visible collection of particles of water suspended in the air, etc.

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