Broken For You
by Fleta R. Robinson

The baker had just finished a large order for crackers. Crackers--such a simple food. But with a special significance since yesterday's Communion service. He felt a surge of JOY!

"This is My body which is broken for you."*

It seemed most churches used the small, white wafers prepared especially for that purpose, but he attended a simple church with simple habits. Small trays of broken crackers accompanied the Communion cup. Usually, these were passed among the seated people. At times people were invited to come forward to kneel at the Altar to celebrate The Lord's Supper.

"This is My body which is broken for you."

But yesterday's Communion Service had been presented differently. In spite of the pews, they had been asked to form a large circle. They were instructed--no, urged, to each search his own heart, and to be attentive to what the Holy Spirit might reveal. They were encouraged to make things right with the Lord and with one another, even if it meant crossing the circle to do so; then bring to the Holy Communion time a heart clean and pure before God, and in harmony with each other.

He continued placing the crackers on the cooling racks. It had surprised him that the stress and tension common to his daily life was suddenly isolated and identified. The dear Lord had made him aware that the grudge he had long carried against a fellow member had grown within him into a full blown root of bitterness. The realization stunned him. He was well aware that bitterness corrodes the heart that holds it, more than it harms the one to whom it is directed. With God's help he could do something about it immediately!

He didn't recall crossing the circle, but there he was, hand extended, "I was wrong. I'm so sorry. Would you please forgive me?" He paused a moment while boxing the crackers, reliving the JOY that followed his confession and the resulting forgiveness. How GOOD was that hand clasp! How FREEING was the forgiveness! Within moments the sin was history, totally uprooted, disposed of by God's amazing grace. That gnawing in his soul was GONE.

He smiled as he picked up a piece of a broken cracker. It seemed as if the dear Lord Himself was represented in that fragment and was saying personally to him,

"This is My body which is broken for you. Take eat."

And, with a freedom he had not known in years, he did so.

* I Corinthians 11:24

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