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Fleta R. Robinson

A small dead branch extended from near the top of a beautiful green tree. My first thought Ė if I could somehow clip off that branch I surely would. But Iím definitely not a tree or "cherry picker" climber. I havenít been young enough for that for a very long time. In fact, I see this from a hospital bed. But wouldnít it be nice if someone would dispose of that useless old branch?

A beautiful bird lit on itís tip and stayed for a long time. Oh.

The other night someone young, intelligent and beautiful came into my room as part of her work. However, she wasnít needed elsewhere; she had some free time. Although we were in different places Ė I in bed, and she in a chair Ė she "perched," so to speak, on an old branch (me) for a personal, God-honoring, conversation. From now on the needs she spoke of will be talked over privately, faithfully, with my Heavenly Father. She may not be deeply aware of His personal love and care, but Iím asking the dear Lord to cause this to happen soon. She needs the hope, the comfort, the confidence that He alone can provide.

Iím certainly not youthfully "green" anymore, but I AM one of Christís representatives. Hallelujah!

I scan the bare branch again and simply smile.

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