by Fleta R. Robinson

On a recent trip my seat mate was a total stranger to me in the sense that we had never met before. However, we soon discovered we were sisters in God's family! She and her husband were church planters, and were survivors of a current difficult period. The break-up of a congregation with resulting changes saddened them.

I frequently ask God to use me if He needs me; and to help me to have enough sense to be quiet if He doesn't.

I don't recall all the details of those hours together above the clouds, but the awareness of the dear Lord's Presence and the precious Christian fellowship still warms my heart.

As we neared that faraway destination my seat mate smiled, "You cannot possibly know what this time together has meant to me!" She reached over and gave me a quick hug. Her husband continued looking out at the earth below us, and smiled.

The plane landed. We parted, but she and her husband remain in my prayers.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A week later I am on a return flight. My seat mate is a delightful Christian lady. (God is good!) She, too, was experiencing sadness. Widowed, retired from teaching, she was adjusting to the resulting emptiness in her heart and home. There were difficulties but her wonderful sense of humor was a strong asset even in the moments when the tears came.

As we neared our destination she reached over and gave me a quick hug chuckling, "I'd like to take you home with me!" Jesus had ministered to both of us during those hours in the air. She, too, remains in my prayers.

Were these women helped by me? Nooooo, the dear Lord allowed me to be an on-the-spot instrument He used to ones who needed comfort, understanding, and a renewed awareness of God's unfailing love.

Be His available instrument today. It might be quite a trip!

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