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Under the Potter's Hands
by Fleta R. Robinson

We are pleased to be able to offer the book, Under the Potter's Hands by Fleta Robinson. This book is a compilation of her columns which appeared in the His Way News for many years.  Fleta is the late wife of James W. Robinson, founder and director of His Way Ministries.

Fleta had a special way of taking everyday trials and triumphs and making them into an opportunity to grow closer to her Heavenly Father.  The Lord gifted her with the ability to record learned lessons in a way that others may benefit as well.  Our prayer is that as you read this book you will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged.

Said Fleta, "I was born in Indiana of Pennsylvania parents, grew up in Kentucky, went to school in Michigan, later in Illinois, where I met a Kansan, and have had twenty-two addresses since!  The multiple moves during those military and missionary years have taught me many lessons.  The chief of which is Immanuel!" (God with us.)

The cost of this 227 page book is $7.50, which includes shipping and handling. (Kansas residents please add 6.8% sales tax.)  Any contribution above the price of the book is tax deductible. You may order by mail, phone, or fax. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

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What Others Are Saying . . .

"[Fleta's] applications of life situations as being a part of the Master's crafting are touching and inspirational.  I love [her] observations of nature: birds, puppies, flowers, skies, and so much more.  I find it hard to stop reading it." 
- California

"[Fleta's] book is a great picture of what a personal relationship with Almighty God is like.  He loves, comforts, teaches, corrects, provides for, and [she] shows how He does it." - Kansas

"[Someone] gave us a copy of [the] book, Under the Potter's Hands and we have enjoyed it immensely!  I rationed it to 1 or 2 pages a day to make it last longer -- now I'll read it again.  Such simple but touching messages."  - Illinois

"Each page brought such JOY. . . I gained much from reading about [Fleta's] family, trials in the ministry, and mostly your love for my Jesus."  - Kansas

"I love the way [the book] relates everyday experiences to the precious Word of God."  - California

"I appreciate the way [Fleta] expresses common truth in an uncommon way."  - Washington

"[Fleta's] book is a daily delight and blessing.  I'm was thankful that she shared the very personal ways God led [her] so we can learn from them, too."  - California

"[Fleta's] book is so rich in substance and in its varied ways of sharing."  - Kansas

"[Fleta's] book was a blessing.  I use it daily, and when we reach the last page, we'll start all over again." 
- California